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Resurrection man or resurrection men may refer to: A term for a "body snatcher" —a person who secretly exhumes dead bodies to sell them; "The Resurrection.
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In order to prove his sanity, he tries to provoke the guards and other inmates into killing him, but he is consistently thwarted. A failed suicide attempt puts him on suicide watch, making it even more difficult.

One guard in particular has trouble restraining his disgust with Mitch - an overweight sadist called Fletcher. One night, the Bat-Signal shines in the sky over the asylum, and Fletcher predicts that the signal will send the inmates into hysterics, and require a lock-down. While the other inmates become more agitated, Mitch decides that it's time to do something drastic, as he rediscovers his most recent power over electricity.

The next day, Mitch stands in the lunch line and uses his electrical power to ignite his oatmeal with electricity and launch it into the face of the hulking Amygdala. Before he can incite further violence, he is cracked hard on the head with Fletcher's nightstick. The guards decide that it's time to move Mitch down to where they keep the real freaks.

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Mitch wakes in his new cell with a clear head for the first time in days. The doctors don't medicate the inmates in the 'bin'. HE looks out his glass wall to see Fletcher negotiating with Sumo on a breakout. Fletcher agrees to open all the cells, after a threat from the criminal.

Resurrection Man

Within just seconds, Gotham City 's worst criminals are free and running rampant in the asylum. With the diversion set, Fletcher tells Sumo to head for the service tunnels, but Mitch is prepared, and he fills Sumo with electrical discharge. Angrily, Sumo grabs Mitch by the throat and snaps his neck. Their distraction gives Mitch enough time to recover, and with new-found super-strength, he picks up Sumo over his head, and throws him to the ground at Gordon's feet.

Before the police can open fire, Mitch calls out that he has a handle on it, and he knocks Sumo unconscious. Gordon orders his men to hold their fire, but Fletcher fires a shot straight through Mitch's brain. He claims that Mitch was dangerous, and he was protecting the Commissioner's life. Later, Gordon visits the morgue to check on Mitch, only to find that he's gone missing.

Avenging Angels, Part 1: Deathwatch

Meanwhile, at Fletcher's apartment, he has been declared a hero, and he's converted his workman's compensation into cash for a trip to the Caribbean. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up.

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"Resurrection Men" - By Dickens, We've Got It!

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