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Filipa 4. Kollossa 4. Tietus 3. Filemon 1. Hebraea Jakoobus 5. Judas 1. Martin n. Columbus, OH: Luth. Translated by R H Fuller Pieper Starck Johann Friedrich St. Dau No place names -- generic location. Publication date estimated. Grimm aka Alfred Ira ; this item found by his son A. Schroeder, b. Index of stations locations shows city, state, and pastor.

Hoffmann 3 copies; articles some translated from German from Rundeschreiben newsletter. Enid Schuster written on inside cover: "Herman Kilian" Half the lessons are to translate German to English; the others translate the same lessons from English to German. Illustrated; Vocabulary; Grammar; Pronunciation. Of multiple Low German societies both sides of Atlantic Partly in low? German; many ads in English. List of area men in service 2 pages Wilfred Erdmann 2 copies Hoffmann English to Low German word lists. This PlattDuutsch may be the dialect used by Mennonites. Ira Grimm, translated, and published in ; article includes dialogue in Low German Chase A.

Beal Czech Family Small magazine for Ginseng farmers Hoffmann Includes many old photos Historical Preservation Society item undated; reference in text dated ; distributed during tours of Fromm property at Max Kade annual meeting in May ; two colored one-page handouts inserted in brochure Sloane Assoc.

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Milwaukee, WI Eleanore Schuetz 2 copies; first one an original from Eleanor Schuetz; 2nd purchased a reprint Translated to English by Norma Krenz in ; item dating based on clippings text referring to Vice-President Coolidge This is a copy of the original pamphlet. Hoffmann Guide to Wausau's historic architecture Hoffmann In addition to storage instructions this pamphlet also tells how to date images from different eras.


Paul, MN: Geo. Kessel Sandy Laabs "Walter Steckling" written on title page Some of the testimonials are hilarious. Inc I. Rimland This series is somewhat pro-Nazi. A take-off on stereotypes of the German character. Other artists, authors, and prominent Mecklenburgers also described.

America A picture book of cityscapes. Text in German and English and Danish?

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In German and English. Extras from Pomm. Freistadt at Mequon. Plat maps; includes index to landowners Hoffmann 3 copies; four road tour routes with historical notes and photos; produced in celebration of Wisconsin's th anniversary of statehood Kretlow Beth Stahr Copy of original book in red ring binder Peterson in ; map undated but preceeds ca. Paetzold DWHoffmann 2 copies, c. Farm directory info probably came from Census Hoffmann 2 copies; c. Schmitt" on cover; c. Plat maps; includes index to landowners; publication date derived from map copyright dates Hoffmann Has a name index in back Not totally complete: D.

Hoffmann is missing Schmitt 2 copies Farm directory info probably came from Census. For middle school children Hoffmann 2 copies, 2nd copy donated by Martha Marquardt; Manual for management and organization of genealogical materials Baneck 19 pages; written as a history or story; covers only the first 2 or 3 generations.

Steinhafel Emmerich Emerich Johannes Ring, 2. Ross Gottlieb Goetsch families Marathon County Grueneberg Utech Schulz; Johanna W. Friedrich C.

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Knorr Neitzke John W. We do not have the book's author or address. Name and Address list in back. Bible title page and family data from middle of volume; surnames include Gimbel, Grosskreutz, Heft, Heller, Kummerow, Roeder, Taylor, Wettesnack Each entry also includes name and phone number of "tile leader" lead sponsor of each tile ; 9 pages including title page; entries Louis: Concordia Publishing House Rusch Family Bible title page and page from front of book with one Rusch death recorded They moved to Nebraska between ; first item published , second and third in ; third item is 3-page ancestral diagram Dates from to present.


Frederick L. Voigt found in Bible Wiederhoeft about photos of ships; indexed by name. But this one will help folks begin a search. Shows title and author.

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Surname Index is in Vol. II Surname Index for both volumes Hoffmann Marriages, naturalization records, farmers' directories for townships in the three counties with emphasis on their Prussian origins. In German. Roger Manuscript Rev. Crowell Company, Inc. Jacob H.

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Martens formerly titled Gods and Myths of Northern Europe Walter Auer eventually moved to the U. Everest High School D. Hoffmann High school students interviewed WW II vets and wrote their stories, plus some interpretive articles. No index Everest D. Theodor about Fed.

IV: Czechoslovakia Schieder Prof. Also a travel promotion by Lufthansa. Hoffmann 2 copies; small book; overview of Pomeranian culture, language, foods, tracht dress , etc. Hoffmann 3 copies; overview of Pomeranian history from very early tribes Vandals, Teutons, Slavs to present era. Includes a postscript by Peter Bellin. Edited by Elaine Kraft Mentions August Kickbusch and Wausau.